How do I get started with Tixoom and link my Stripe account?

How do I get started and link my Stripe account with Tixoom, the platform for handling tickets to Zoom events?

Written by AlexLast update 3 years ago

Stripe is the secure payment processor that Tixoom uses in the background to efficiently handle your customers' payments and ensure you get paid.

Once you're signed in to Tixoom, you go to your 'Events' tab and start configuring an event for the first time we'll direct you to either link your existing Stripe account or we'll guide you through applying for a new one.

In most applications, the account approval process is nearly instantaneous and you will be able to accept payments right away. If Stripe needs more information about your business or expects a longer delay in approving your account, they will reach out to you immediately. Businesses on Stripe’s Restricted Business List commonly experience longer processing delays. If you are running a business that has trouble accepting payments online, we recommend reviewing Stripe’s Restricted Business documentation. If you’re not sure if your business falls into the categories listed here, reach out to Stripe Support.

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