When should I contact Stripe and when should I contact Tixoom?

When should I contact Stripe and when should I contact Tixoom if I have a problem?

Written by AlexLast update 3 years ago

Stripe is the secure payment processor that Tixoom uses in the background to efficiently handle your customers' payments and ensure you get paid.

You can start with Tixoom for most questions. You can contact Stripe about transaction-related questions such as:

  • Questions regarding a specific charge, refund, payout, or dispute
  • Account-related issues, including account lockouts
  • Using the Stripe Dashboard’s functionality and settings

You can contact Stripe’s support team through your Stripe Dashboard. Stripe can respond quickest if you use the following guidelines:

  • Log into Stripe first, then submit a request at contact support. Logging in ensures that Stripe knows which account you’re inquiring about, It also shows Stripe that you’re an authenticated user of the account.

  • Include formatted IDs to help us solve your issue as quickly as possible. If your inquiry is regarding a specific card, please include as much information about the card as possible, such as the expiration date, last 4 digits of the card number, and the card brand. However, please never share or send a full card number or CVC. We do recommend including pertinent IDs such as:

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