Does Tixoom remind attendees about upcoming events?

Does Tixoom remind Zoom event ticketholders about upcoming events?

Written by AlexLast update 3 years ago

Yes, you can choose to have Tixoom send attendees a reminder 24 hours before your event, or 15 minutes before your event - or both.

In both cases you can customise exactly what is in the email which we send to the attendees - for example, reminding them to bring a specific item or prepare in a certain way.

To get started, head to your "Events" tab in Tixoom then click to manage a specific event and click the "Reminders" tab.

Tip: because we send these messages, you can turn off the corresponding option within Zoom to have them send reminder emails. If you don't do this your attendees might receive multiple reminder emails about each event - one via Tixoom and the other from Zoom - which may be confusing.

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