How do I share T&Cs (including a refunds policy) and privacy policy with attendees?

A summary on how Tixoom's event ticketing platform for Zoom lets you share your event terms and refunds policy, and your privacy policy.

Written by AlexLast update 1 year ago

Tixoom lets you sell your own tickets to your events. You'll likely want to make clear to your buyers what your terms of selling those tickets will be - for example, whether you'll offer refunds and if so under what circumstances - in a terms & conditions document (sometimes known as a 'terms of service' or 'T&C' document), as well as information about the way you handle any personal data you collect about them (for example their name and email address) in a privacy policy document.

The good news is that Tixoom makes it easy to feature links to those documents across all your event pages and more.

You'll have to host these somewhere else, typically on your own company's website but if not you can always share a Google Document that's set to 'public.' Once you have the link for each document, simply head to the 'Settings' tab and paste each in the corresponding boxes and click 'Save' alongside each:

These will then be added as links to the footer of your public pages, for example:

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