An attendee can't find their ticket email - where could it be?

If you're selling tickets to your Zoom event using Tixoom and one of your attendees can't find their ticket email, here's how you can help.

Written by AlexLast update 2 years ago

If an attendee gets in touch about a missing ticket, the first thing to do is to sign in to Tixoom then head to your 'Events' tab and click to manage the event to which they're expecting a ticket. Click on the 'Attendees' tab and then try to search for the person's email address using the box at the top right of the main table.

If the person's email address is listed there - and you've not had any automatic messages from us informing you that we were unable to send their ticket by email - then the next step is to help your attendee look for their tickets email.

The first place to look is their email 'junk' or 'spam' folder. If it's not there and they use GMail they should also check their 'promotions' tab - and similarly, if they use Hotmail with the 'focused' inbox, they should also check the 'other' column of their inbox:

Once they've found the message, it's important to train their email provider to let them know these ticket messages are important:

  • for GMail that's easiest by clicking the 'star' icon and dragging the message directly to their inbox or priority inbox.
  • for Hotmail that's done by clicking the 'not junk' button and adding the sender to their 'safe senders' list; more info here.

If the attendee is using Hotmail and is still not able to find the ticket, you will need to ask them to do the following:

  1. Click on "Options" in the upper right corner of the Hotmail screen
  2. Click the link for "Safe and Blocked Senders" in the main section of the page under "Junk e-mail"
  3. Choose the "Safe Senders" link and enter [email protected]
  4. Save these settings.

Once the attendee confirms they've done this, you should head to the 'Attendees' tab for the event or bundle in Tixoom, find their email address and click the resend button; the ticket(s) should then successfully reach the attendee's inbox.

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