What happens after my event has finished?

Find out how Tixoom lets you sell tickets to your Zoom events even after they have finished, with on-demand recordings.

Written by AlexLast update 2 years ago

Tixoom lets you continue selling tickets to an event even after it's finished, by offering access to a recording that you have made of the event.

To get started, simply sign in to Tixoom and head to the 'Events' tab then click 'Manage...' alongside the event you want to set up. Note that if the event has already happened it will be on the 'Past events' section at the right side of the screen.

Once you're managing an event, click the 'After event' tab and you will see this:

Simply choose whether or not to continue sales of a recorded version - and if so, where you've hosted the recording. We support YouTube, Vimeo and your own hosted MP4 video file. We recommend if you use YouTube you ensure the video is unlisted, or if using Vimeo that the video audience is set to Private or Hide from Vimeo and if you have domain-level privacy then ensure you allow our domain (tixoom.app).

Then click 'Save' and you're good to go!

Optionally you can also alter the duration each person has to watch the recording. People who bought before the event can watch any time until this long after it started, whilst people who buy after the event can watch any time until this long after they bought.

Note that if you've configured an on-demand recording for an event then as soon as the event happens the number of available tickets becomes unlimited, because there is no capacity restriction.

It's really easy for attendees too - they will be prompted to go to https://tixoom.app/mytickets and enter their email address then click a confirmation link. From there any on-demand events they have access to will be visible in a custom player; this prevents people clicking through to the underling destination on, for example, YouTube or Vimeo.

(For full transparency it is worth noting that more technically savvy users could view the page source code and reverse-engineer the video's source address if they were highly motivated to do so.)

This feature is particularly powerful when used with our 'Bundles' capability as bundles can consist of a combination of upcoming live events and recorded on-demand events; for example you might configure and sell tickets to a course of lectures, and using the after event recordings you can sell these at any point before, during or after the sessions.

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