Can people buy an event ticket - or bundle of tickets - for someone else?

Using Tixoom for Zoom event tickets, can people buy an event ticket - or bundle of tickets - as a gift for someone else?

Written by AdamLast update 2 years ago

Yes! With our 'gifting' feature this is very easy.

From your sharable event or bundle page, people need to click the 'Gift this...' button, where they will be prompted to pay for the ticket/bundle they're gifting. Once paid they'll be prompted to enter the name and email address of their gift recipient - and we'll deliver the ticket(s) straight to them by email. We'll also send a thank you email to the buyer of the ticket. You can customise this email from the 'Emails' tab of your event or bundle.

If the bundle or ticket was for an on-demand event, the time the recipient has to watch this (which you can adjust) will start from the date and time the ticket or bundle was sent to the recipient.

Back in Tixoom, when you head to the 'Attendees' tab for each bundle or event you'll see if any tickets have been gifted by the gift icon which appears alongside the status of that purchase, as circled here in red:

Tip: You can hover on that icon to see the name and email address of the person who gifted the ticket to the attendee. Also by entering the word 'gifted' into the search box at the top right, you can filter to show only those purchases which were gifts.

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