Does Tixoom work with free/basic Zoom accounts?

Yes! The platform works fully with free/basic Zoom accounts, but there are a couple of things to bear in mind:

  • With a basic/free account, you cannot invite registrants to your scheduled Zoom meetings. As a result, when someone buys a ticket to one of your events we share with them the general meeting link so they can join it.
  • That's different to how things work when you have a paid Zoom account, where we add the ticket buyer as a registered attendee of the meeting - and they get their own unique link to join.
  • What does that mean for you as the meeting organizer? Well primarily it means that you should keep the meeting link secret as with that other people could join. It also means that in theory anyone who's bought a ticket could share the link they get with other people who haven't bought a ticket; for that reason if you have a basic/free account we recommend you use Zoom's waiting room feature and only allow in people who are on the list of ticket purchasers. You can find that list by signing in to Tixoom then clicking 'Manage...' alongside the event in question, and then scrolling down to the 'ticket sales' section.