What happens if I change an event in Zoom after starting to sell tickets to it?

In general we'd strongly recommend you ensure your Zoom event is correct before you start selling tickets to it through Tixoom, to avoid the risk of any confusion from your ticket purchasers.

However, if you do need to make changes to the event then you can do this. Any changes you make will automatically flow through to your Tixoom listing - that includes the title of the meeting, the start time, and the duration. If you have a paid Zoom account they'll let us know automatically - otherwise you'll need to sign in to Tixoom and go to your event in Tixoom, at which point the updates will happen.

There's only one exception: if you've already issued any tickets to a meeting through Tixoom, and you then choose to change the Zoom event's start time, you'll need to let everyone who has already bought a ticket to your event know - because when they got the ticket, they received an email with a calendar invite that includes the old start time. When you reconfirm the changes through Tixoom we'll prompt you to automatically send them all a new email with reissued tickets that include the revised start time.