How long does it take to get paid money from my customers?

To help you get paid quickly and securely, in the background Tixoom uses a payment processor called Stripe. We'll have helped you set up a Stripe account (or linked your existing one) when you first started issuing event tickets through Tixoom.

In terms of the time between a customer buying an event ticket and you receiving the money into your bank account:

  • You will typically receive your first payout 7 days after the first successful payment is received.
  • For the 2nd payout and onward, your standard payout timing depends on your sign-up country. (e.g., businesses in the US paid out on a 2-day rolling basis)
  • You can also set a specific payout schedule from the Payouts settings page of your Stripe Dashboard. (By default, you are on an automatic everyday payout schedule.)
  • Stripe offers additional resources to troubleshoot any delayed or missing payouts.